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Pioneer Rich Technology Development Ltd known as P.R.T.D was sketched in 2000 and registered formally in September 2003 with base in Hong Kong. Our Goal is to develop Tactical Simulation Training equipment. Physically, P.R.T.D has been serving Law Enforcement Unit for years. Functionally, P.R.T.D is the manufacturer of military training equipment and fully responsible to the sales and marketing of the products.Our business goal is to become the best manufacturer of drill and tactical training products and non lethal weapon for army and law enforcement. The design and manufacturing technology of our product on non-ammunition firing is unique. We tailor-made our products and accessories per single order both for army forces and police forces. We also work closely with Real Action Marker (RAM) series for tactical training. It enabled the members to experience effective training under safe condition. In order to maximize the usage of every product, our manufacturing department designed different tests and training program by the hands of professionals. Our concept is to let every user to enjoy the best of our products.Pioneer Rich Technology Development owns a factory who is the specialist in electrical, professtional product die, injection molding, plastic film mirror and fogging treatment and processed just as a collection development, production and excellent integration of private marketing service.PRTD factory is located in Guangdong with more than 13,000 square meters plant. This factory has advanced, sophisticated production equipment and high-quality management personnel. Now gather a large number of engineering and technical personnel in product development and they have achieved fruitful results. Special helmets, Thunder B Sound Grenade, Aurora Tech Flashight, Iron Face, X-Eye are in a series of products. Their company has become a model for innovation and technology with industry. won the favor of old and new customers, their products being sold in places as far away as Europe, America, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions.

Mr. Frog Lee is the Director of Pioneer Rich Technology Development and his job duty is mainly research, design and development of new product. We are certain you will like Mr. Frog Lee who has been working in airsoft, paintball and law enforcement business since 1997. Our files are bulging with letters of appreciation from the customers he called on, and we are confident you will also be praising himMr. Frog Lee aims at developing High Quality LE equipment gear at low price. Any products that come with a Frog Logo on the package are the product developed by him. For instance, Thunder B Sound Grenade, Hakkotsu Alone Anti- Fog Mask, Twister Lenses, Iron Face and X-Eye….etc. He knows his products and his customers. He is very touchy when he thinks one of his customers is “put upon.”

So next time when you see these logos:That means they are made by high quality material with low cost. P.R.T.D would be delighted if, after you’ve spent some time with Mr. Frog Lee, you would jot down your impressions of him.

Hakkotsu ~ is a Japanese word. It means skull or skeleton.The reason for using such logo is that our products were designed for law enforcement training purpose. They should be kept out of children's reach.Mis-using / modify our product without permission may cause fatal. Using of our products with 100% caution is essential.

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